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LotemX provides senior-level talent to help startups and fast-moving tech companies quickly start and scale up their product development. 

Event social app


A location & event-based social network (web and mobile) that allows you to eploreevents around you.
Technology: Laravel, React Native, video compression engines, location services, google maps API, push notifications, SendGrid API, AWS S3, Facebook API


Mymedi is you personal guide to health and happiness.
Learn to meditate and live mindfully.
Technology: Laravel Framework, react-native-router-flux, Redux, redux-saga, react-native-video, react-native-fs, React-native-gesture-handler, Social networks connect


A social network for pregnant women and young mothers. The project includes all important elements of a social network (friendships, image galleries, groups, real-time messaging, ad system, comprehensive caching engine etc.) 
Technology: Laravel, VueJS, Redis, AWS S3, Facebook API

Meet and Go

A web and mobile app for online booking of meeting rooms. The project includes both website, mobile app and admin dashboard with multiple roles and permissions.
Technology: Laravel, React Native, push notifications, Stripe API , SendGrid API.


A stock exchange trading signals extensive platform (web and mobile) with multiple roles and permissions system, real-time messaging, mass push notifications system, mass email system, tailor-made email drip marketing platform, and dozens of other features. (would love to elaborate on a call).
Technology: Laravel, React Native, push notifications, SendGrid API, AWS S3, Facebook API

Let's QA!

A SaaS product for visual QA for websites and mobile applications. The product has a front-end code snippet that is installed on a website (like google analytics snippet) and allows on-screen drawing and annotating while recording all user’s activities. The information is being sent to the cloud and renders as a visual activity chart that gives the developer a complete picture with all the needed information to understand and solve the problem.
Technology: PHP7, Javascript, Node JS, Selenium, SendGrid API, AWS S3, Facebook API.


A SaaS product for employee time management, including a desktop app that tracks and monitors user’s activities and a cloud-based dashboard with multiple roles and permissions system.
Technology: Laravel, Java, NodeJS, streaming services, location services, google maps API, SendGrid API, AWS S3, Paypal API


Forvention was built to provide a functionality that covers all steps from A to Z of your event within one system. It was designed to simplify events and conferences for both event creators and attendees.
Technology: react native, laravel framework, payment gateway, expo, redux,react-native-camera

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