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Read Plus

Platform for reading improvement (Used by 100 schools in Israel)

Readplusapp is a unique tool that allows teachers to share tasks with students. Here the principal can open school with classes, add teachers and each teacher can invite with code students. After that teacher can share reading tasks to students cell phones.


iOS, Android, Web


React Native, VueJS, Firebase, Google AI


2 developers x 8 months


Push Notifications, In-App-Purchase , Web-Based Subscriptions, Google Voice API

About Project

Read Plus has a built-in smart administrative admin, which is adapted and directed to the needs of the school and the teacher. The teacher has full control over the content of the assignments, their sending and execution by the student and at any time the teacher can be updated on the student’s reading situation and adapt a new reading plan. The system also provides data that helps the teacher determine the reading tasks below In addition, at the teacher’s discretion, reading assignments are tailored to individual students, groups of students, grades, and age groups.